Sonic Screwdriver
Multi-functional tool to manage AWS infrastructure


sonic ssh # ssh onto instance

sonic ecs sh # docker run on ECS

sonic ecs exec # docker exec on ECS

sonic list # list servers

sonic execute # run command with SSM


Sonic Screwdriver is a multi-functional tool to manage AWS infrastructure. It's a swiss army knife type of tool and has a variety of uses. Mainly it's focus is to automate mundane repetitive tasks into simple one line commands. With it you are able to debug environments and issues quickly.

The command that Sonic Screwdriver provides is called sonic. One thing you can use it it for is to quickly ssh into an instance provided an identifer. Another use for sonic is to ssh into the instance and run docker exec to jump immediately into the container. Sonic helps with these boring tasks so you can focus your mental energies on solving the actual problem at hand.


With one command you can go from your local machine into a live ECS running docker container. Boom!

$ sonic ecs exec boltops-web
+ exec docker exec -ti 385b643c7a895231d2b193574368b0c6c6bebce487267c3c175d0acea3082d4c bash

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